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This was the official website for the 2010 Green Venture Summit held in Berlin.
Green Venture Summit was relaunched as Ecosummit in December 2010.
GVS10 was the predecessor of ECO11
Content is from the site's 2010 archived pages and other outside sources.

Green Venture Summit

Karl-Marx-Allee 34
10178 Berlin


The Green Venture Summit is a new commercial event and business development platform fostering the Green Economy. Our philosophy is to deliver outstanding value to our sponsors, speakers, partners and participants. The Green Venture Summit is jointly organised by Jan Michael Hess and Sarik Weber who came up with the original idea.

Interview zum Green Venture Summit '10 mit Jan Michael Hess



Fostering the Green Economy

The Green Venture Summit 2010 is an international Cleantech conference for startups, investors, thought leaders and successful ventures.

Our Motivation to Go Green

Going green is the largest economic opportunity of the 21st century,”summarises the famous American VC John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers. We agree and, therefore, have organised the Green Venture Summit as a new event platform for know-how exchange and business development. In 2010, several Cleantech IPOs are in the pipeline. In 2009, Massachusetts-based battery maker A123 Systems celebrated their IPO 7 years after founding the company. Although taking green technologies to market takes a lot of time and money, we think now is the right time to invest in the Green Economy. We have to go green as we need to be able to produce clean energy, clean products and clean services without destroying our planet.


GVS10: Helge Daebel Emerald Technology Ventures Cleantech VC


GVS10 Conference Highlights

The Green Venture Summit 2010 takes place on 10 May 2010 in Berlin in the wonderful conference location called Moskau (Karl-Marx-Allee 34, 10178 Berlin). We expect around 400 participants enjoying a really productive atmosphere.

To participate in the Green Venture Summit you can buy your GVS10 Early Bird Ticket for €190,00 incl. 19% VAT until 31 March 2010. Afterwards the GVS10 Standard Ticket price will go up to €290,00 incl. 19% VAT.

The Green Venture Summit Agenda features innovative entrepreneurs, investors, experts and industry leaders in selected Cleantech areas including renewable energy, solar, wind, emobility, energy storage, energy efficiency, smart grid, smart home, green architecture, green agriculture, water and green management.

Confirmed GVS10 Speakers:

  • Prof. Dr. Meinhard von Gerkan, Founding Partner, gmp Architects
  • Dieter Ammer, CEO, Conergy
  • Steffen Aumueller, Managing Director, The Very Useful Company
  • Dr. Wulf Bentlage, CEO, Geohumus
  • Dr. Stephan Beyer, Investment Director, Ventegis Capital
  • Dr. Philipp Bouteiller, Partner, Finfortec
  • Dr. Helge Daebel, Senior Specialist, Emerald Technology Ventures
  • Dr. Joerg Fabri, Manager Director, Droege & Comp.
  • Carl-A. Fechner, Director & Producer, 4th Revolution – Energy Autonomy
  • Hans Josef Fell, MP & Energy Policy Speaker, Alliance 90/The Greens
  • Juergen Habichler, Managing Partner, Mountain Cleantech
  • Dr. Michael Hoppe, Founder, steps for children
  • Hanne May, Chief Editor, New Energy – Magazine for Renewable Energy
  • Paulus Neef, CEO, MAMA
  • Karl Rabeder, Founder, My Micro Credit
  • Alexander Romahn, CEO, Sonne+Wind
  • Dr. Hermann Scheer, MP, SPD, President Eurosolar, Chairman WCRE
  • Ingo Schoenberg, CEO, Power Plus Communications
  • Rolf Schumann, Europe Business Development, Better Place
  • Marco Voigt, CEO, Clean Tech World


The Green Venture Summit will be streamed online as live video with USTREAM.




08:00 – 09:00 / Registration & Breakfast

09:00 – 09:10 / Conference Opening: Sarik Weber & Jan Michael Hess

09:10 – 09:30 / Keynote – Green City – The TXL+ Project: Prof. Dr. Meinhard von Gerkan, Founding Partner, gmp Architects

09:30 – 09:45 / How to reach Energy Autonomy:
Dr. Hermann Scheer, Member Parliament, SPD, President Eurosolar, Chairman World Council Renewable Energy

09:45 – 10:00 / Solar Growth Story: Dieter Ammer, CEO, Conergy Group


11:00 – 11:30 / Green Networking Coffee Break

11:30 – 11:50 / Keynote – Speaker invited


11:50 – 12:05 / Talk – Speaker invited

12:05 – 12:15 / Emobility at Clean Tech World Berlin:
Marco Voigt, CEO, Clean Tech World

12:15 – 12:30 / New Electric Vehicle Infrastructure: Rolf Schumann, Europe Business Development, Better Place

12:30 – 13:00 / Panel – Future of Electric Mobility:
Moderator: Dr. Philipp Bouteiller, Finfortec
Rolf Schumann, Better Place
More panelists invited


13:00 – 14:00 / Networking Lunch Break

Some observations
Having attended numerous conferences, I must say I had a fascinating conversation with one of the attendees during this network lunch. Now you are probably expecting me to say the conversation centered around clean technology venture capital firms such as Emerald Technology Ventures, or perhaps we spent our time while eating our food dissecting what Peter Droege, a widely acknowledged expert in renewable and sustainable urban design, development and infrastructure had discussed earlier in the day. But no. My conversation centered about the pros and cons of wigs by Raquel Welch. Yes you heard me. I wear wigs to all business conventions. Consequently, I never have a bad hair day. I always look professional and well put together. And honestly I could not do it with wearing a hair alternative, ie: wig. My favorite brand at the moment is Raquel Welch. I do buy wigs from other brands, but I particularly like the monofilament cap constructions of Raquel Welch wigs. A monofilament cap whether it is a mono top, part line or crown creates the appearance of a natural scalp and hair growth/ movement. Team the monofilament cap with a 100% hand tied lace front which allows off the face styling and a very natural looking hair line, you have innovation at its best. Add a 100% hand tied cap base and you will have a cap that is designed specifically for comfort with materials that result in beautiful, lighter weight wigs that help boost confidence. It is not surprising that among the popular wig brands, Raquel Welch is regarded as one of the top sellers with wig customers in the hair alternative market.

You may wonder if the hair alternative market is embracing the Green Economy. I am happy to report that the wig manufacturer, Envy, now touts that they have eco-friendly packaging and marketing materials. Ordinarily, the chemically-treated materials in synthetic hair, such as acrylic and PVC, aren't biodegradable and ultimately end up in landfills. However if you rebundle, plastic synthetic hair could be recycled into outdoor furniture and lawn and garden tools. In the near future as the war on plastic intensifies, a sustainable synthetic hair solution is still quite challenging to find.

But the various products one uses on wigs can be biodegradable, and even fragrance free. Among my lunch mates, there were several others who were wearing human hair wigs which, let face it, are out of the reach for the majority of wig wearers due to cost. And although we are certainly on the "green wagon" working for companies in green technologies, there are some things I (we) don't want to give up. In the case of those who wear wigs due to hair loss either caused by chemo therapy or autoimmune disorders like alopecia areata, wigs allow a person some dignity. Currently there is one company, Raw Society Hair, that has created the world’s first 100% compostable braiding hair extension using banana fiber extracted from the stem of banana trees. I have not seen the product so I can't vouch for it, but I do wish them success. When there are affordable, viable biodegradable smart looking wigs, I will be among the first to try them. In the meanwhile, I'll stick with my Raquel Welch wigs. Needless to say, this network lunch was very lively.


14:00 – 14:15 / Green Entertainment: Steffen Aumueller, The Very Useful Company

14:15 – 14:30 / Green Agriculture: Dr. Wulf Bentlage, CEO, Geohumus

14:30 – 14:45 / Water VC Perspective:Dr. Helge Daebel, Senior Specialist, Emerald Technology Ventures

14:45 – 15:00 / Smart Grid, Smart Metering & Energy Efficiency:
Ingo Schoenberg, CEO, Power Plus Communications AG


15:00 – 15:30 / Panel – Green Venture Capital – Hot Cleantech Sectors:
Paulus Neef, CEO, MAMA
Dr. Helge Daebel, Senior Specialist, Emerald Ventures
Juergen Habichler, Managing Partner, Mountain Cleantech
Alexander Romahn, CEO, Sonne+Wind

15:30 – 16:00 / Green Startup Pitches
Presenting startups invited


16:00 – 16:30 / Green Networking Coffee Break

16:30 – 16:50 / Keynote – Speaker invited


16:50 – 17:05 / Conversation: Green Social Projects
Moderator: Sarik Weber
Juergen Rabeder, My Micro Credit
Dr. Michael Hoppe, steps for children

17:05 – 17:35 / Green Startup Pitches
Presenting startups invited


17:35 – 18:05 / Panel – Are we entering a Cleantech Bubble?
Panelists invited

18:05 – 18:20 / The 4th Revolution – Energy Autonomy – The Movie:
Carl-A. Fechner, CEO, fechnerMedia
Director & Producer, 4th Revolution – Energy Autonomy

18:20 – 18:30 / Conference Closing: Sarik Weber & Jan Michael Hess

18:30 – 21:00 / Green Venture Lounge & Cocktail Reception:
Enjoy wonderful German champagne, wine, beer and healthy fingerfood and continue networking in the Green Economy.

10:00 – 10:15 / International Renewable Energy Policy for the Future:
Hans Josef Fell, Member Parliament, Alliance 90/The Greens, Energy Policy Spokesperson

10:15 – 10:30 / Wind Power – Renewable No. 1?: Dr. Joerg Fabri, Droege & Comp.

10:30 – 11:00 / Panel – 100% Renewable Energy in 10, 20 or 30 years?:
Moderator: Hanne May, Chief Editor, New Energy
Dr. Stephan Beyer, Ventegis Capital
Hans Josef Fell, Alliance 90/The Greens
Dr. Joerg Fabri, Droege & Comp.


Wolfram Putz, founding partner of GRAFT architechts, and Andreas Spiess, Spiess & Schumacher, present the state of the art of Green Architecture as well as the fantastic Solarkiosk project - Part 1. The Green Venture Summit is an international Cleantech conference for green startups, investors, thought leaders and successful ventures. It took place for the first time on 10 May 2010 in Berlin.




Dieter Ammer

CEO - Conergy AG

  • Qualified political economist
  • Co-founder of Conergy AG
  • Held positions of Chairman of the board of Zucker AG, Beck & CO brewery and Tchibo Holding AG in Hamburg
  • Since end of 2007 CEO of Conergy AG
  • Private Investor and Founder of several young Enterprises

Steffen Aumueller

Managing Director - The Very Useful Company

Steffen Aumueller is managing partner and founder of TVUC, a film production company in Munich, Germany. Since 2008 his company has co-produced 12 full-length theatrical feature films with a total production budget of over 100 Mio. US Dollar.

His latest movie THE MESSENGER starring Woody Harrelson and Ben Foster has just received two acadamy award nominations (Oscars) and won several awards such as the Silver Bear of the Berlin International Film Festival. Before heading TVUC, Steffen Aumueller has gained over 10 years of professional experience with US entertainment brands such as The Walt Disney Company or McDonald´s.

In all its films TVUC is following a so called „smart-mainstream“ approach to bridge elements of quality and popcorn movies. Currently the company has five new movies in development and Steffen will present his favorite at this year’s Green Venture Summit.

Dr. Wulf Bentlage

CEO - Geohumus International GmbH

In 2005, Dr. Wulf Bentlage founded the company and grew it to its current size, from 1 to 20 employees. Together with a team of experts he developed the product for the market and took a lead role in formulating the patent strategy for over 60 countries.

Former Experience: Entrepreneur, successfully started and restructured several Yellow Pages and publishing companies across Germany. He has been acting CEO and President for 21 years. He has won numerous entrepreneurial awards in Germany.

Education: PhD in Medicine, Freiburg, 1987, worked for several years in Brazil, before he started his entrepreneurial career in 1991.

Dr. Stephan Beyer

Investment Director - Ventegis Capital AG

Stephan Beyer is Investment Director at Ventegis Capital AG, a Berlin-based Venture Capital firm.

Having started his career as technology analyst at the Association of German Engineers (VDI), he has more than 12 years experience as Investment Professional with a focus on Cleantech. During his career he completed numerous transactions including an IPO, trade sales to financial and strategic investors as well as numerous financing rounds.

Stephan received an engineering degree from the Technical University Berlin as well as a Ph.D. in Finance and holds board seats with SULFURCELL Solartechnik, Nanda Technologies and AUPEO currently.

Dr. Philipp Bouteiller

Partner - Finfortec GmbH

Philipp is a partner at Finfortec, a boutique investment bank and corporate finance advisory for technology companies, where he signs responsible for clean-tech and digital. He has been a speaker at electric mobility conferences and published on electric mobility and passenger information systems.

Philipp has extensive entrepreneurial and consulting experience. After several years with McKinsey, where he specialised on high-tech and TIME industries, Philipp founded and built several companies, amongst them IGA Worldwide (leading independent provider of In-Game Advertising, New York), sMeet (leading browser based virtual world) and HIT Labs (advanced picture based object and face recognition systems).

He acts as business angel and adviser for a number of clients and earned his PhD in international management and social psychology from the London School of Economics.

Dr. Helge Daebel

Senior Specialist - Emerald Technology Ventures

Emerald Technology Ventures is a global leader in clean technology venture capital. Founded in 2000, Emerald is a pioneer in the rapidly emerging clean technology sector and is focused on innovative technologies in energy, materials and water.

Within Emerald, Helge is a Sector Specialist for water technologies and marine renewables. He is responsible for Emerald’s strategy within these sectors and is involved from the initial phase of each investment process up to assisting management of portfolio companies. Prior to joining Emerald, Helge conducted research at the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag) in the Environmental Engineering Division. He also worked at the German Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute and participated in various water projects in Ecuador.

Helge holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich and a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering from the Technical University of Karlsruhe.

Carl-A. Fechner

CEO - fechnerMedia GmbH - Director & Producer - 4th Revolution - Energy Autonomy

Since 1989, fechnerMEDIA has made mysteries of the world accessible, following moments of love and luck, visions for the future as well as questions concerning the past.

fechnerMEDIA:Production is an outstanding partner when it comes to giving answers, showing perspectives and providing encouragement using media tools. We create fascinating images to make complex historical, social and scientific topics both suspenseful like thrillers and easier to understand. We provide arguments for sweeping social change, communicate methods for competent negotiation and use progressive images to show people their personal and social future in a context of sustainable development. We create story-driven documentaries based on real facts, verified by investigative journalistic research and told in a dramatic build-up.

All our documentaries meet the highest technical requirements. We work with various renowned directors, cameramen and editors to guarantee creative film and editing work.

Dr. Joerg Fabri

Managing Director - Droege & Comp.

  • 4 years Shell, Manager “Marketing Technology Department”
  • 5 years VEBA AG (E.ON AG), Head of “Corporate Strategy”
  • 5 years RWE AG, Head of “Strategic Planning” and Vice President “Multi Utility Operations”
  • 4 years Arthur D. Little, Partner
  • 6 years Droege & Comp., Managing Director
  • Head of Competence Centres Energy/Utilities and Transportation/Infra-structure

Education: Dr. rer. nat., RWTH Aachen, Germany and Diploma in Chemistry, RWTH Aachen, Germany

Hans Josef Fell

Member of Bundestag, Energy Policy Spokesman - Alliance 90/The Greens

  • Spokesman on energy policy for Alliance 90/The Greens parliamentary group in the Bundestag
  • Spokesman of the parliamentary group on the Committee on the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety
  • Rapporteur on technology assessment for the parliamentary group
  • Substitute member of the Bundestag’s Defence Committee
  • Substitute member of the Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment
  • Spokesman on energy and technology policy for Alliance 90/The Greens parliamentary group in the Bundestag (2005 – 2009)
  • Spokesman on research and technology policy (1998 – 2005)

Hans-Josef Fell wrote the draft Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), which was adopted in 2000 in the face of strong political opposition. He was also involved in drafting the law amending the EEG in 2004. The EEG is the foundation for the technological developments in photovoltaics, biogas, wind power and geothermal energy in Germany, which are admired throughout the world. The underlying principle of the EEG has now been copied in dozens of countries.

Prof. Dr. Meinhard von Gerkan

Founding Partner - gmp Architects

  • 1964 Diploma in Architecture at the University Carolo-Wilhelmina at Braunschweig
  • 1972 Appointment to the Free Academy of Arts, Hamburg
  • 1974 Appointment to the University Carolo-Wilhelmina at Braunschweig as professor/chair for design
  • 1988 Visiting professor at the Nihon University, Tokyo/Japan
  • 1993 Visiting professor at the University of Pretoria/South Africa
  • 1995 American Institute of Architects, Honorary Fellow, USA
  • 1995 Honoured by the Mexican Architectural Society
  • 2000 Recipient of the Fritz-Schumacher-Award
  • 2002 Honorary Member of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences
  • 2002 Recipient of the Romanian National Award
  • 2002 Recipient of the Honorary Doctorate by the Faculty of Protestant Theology at the Philipps-University, Marburg
  • 2003 Member of Convent Chairmanschip of the “Bundesstiftung Baukultur“, Berlin
  • 2004 Recipient of the “Plakette” of Freie Akademie der Künste (Free Academy of Arts), Hamburg
  • 2005 Grand Award of the Association of German Architects (BDA)
  • 2005 Recipient of the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Design conferred by the Christian University in Chung Li/Taiwan
  • 2007 Recipient of the Honorary Degree of Professor conferred by the East China Normal University College of Design, Shanghai/China
  • 2007 Recipient of the Degree of Visiting Professor conferred by Dalian University of Technology, Architecture and Art College, China
  • 2007 Establishment of the gmp foundation to enhance the architectural education
  • 2009 Recipient of the “Verdienstkreuz” (Order of Merit) of the Federal Republic of Germany

Juergen Habichler

Founder & Managing Partner - Mountain Cleantech AG

As founder and managing partner of Mountain Cleantech AG – a Venture Capital firm focusing exclusively on Late/Growth Stage investments in the clean technology sector in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – Jürgen Habichler is a highly sought after speaker in Cleantech Events around the globe and a frequent participant in round table discussions.

Prior to founding Mountain Cleantech AG in 2007, Jürgen worked for Atlas Venture’s Technology Cleantech team, where he spearheaded the establishment of Atlas’ Cleantech division.

Jürgen is an established Cleantech Venture Capital expert and since 2006 been an active speaker, advisory board member and organizer of major Cleantech events around the globe. In 2009 he was awarded as one of thirty „Green Hero 2009“ by the renowned magazine CNBC European Business.

Alexander Romahn

CEO - Sonne+Wind Beteiligungen AG

  • 10/1987-03/1993: Technical University of Berlin, Dipl.-Ing. Business Engineering
  • 12/1993-07/1995: Manager Sales Administration, SANDOZ Quinn-Produkte GmbH, Basel
  • 08/1995-12/1999: Corporate Finance Advisor with Landesbank Berlin
  • 1997: “Bankcontroller vbb”, Vereinigung für Bankberufsbildung e.V.
  • 01/2000-06/2000: Senior Project Manager, Corporate Finance GEWIPLAN
  • 07/2000-12/2001: Senior Consultant with EUTELIS CONSULT GmbH
  • 09/2000-12/2001: Corporate Finance Director of VentureTIME Management GmbH
  • 07/2000-12/2001: Senior Investment Manager with TeleValleyInnovation Fonds GmbH
  • Since 04/2002: CEO of “Sonne+Wind Beteiligungen AG”, responsible for M&A, investments and financial evaluations

Dr. Hermann Scheer

Member of Bundestag, SPD, President of Eurosolar, Chairman of World Council Renewable Energy - Dr. Hermann Scheer

  • Since 1980 Member of the German Bundestag
  • Member of the Committee for Foreign Affairs
  • Deputy member of the Committee on the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety
  • Since 1987 Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
  • Since 1988 Honorary President of EUROSOLAR – The European Association for Renewable Energy
  • Since 1989 Editor of the magazine “Solarzeitalter – Politik und Ökonomie Erneuerbarer Energien” on policy and economics of renewable energy
  • Since 1997 Editor of the magazine “Zeitschrift für Neues Energierecht” (ZNER) on juridical questions of energy
  • Since 2001 Founding General Chairman of the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE)
  • Since 2004 Chairman of the International Parliamentary Forum on Renewable Energies
  • 1991 – 1993 Chairman of the Arms Control and Disarmament Committee of the German Bundestag
  • 1994 – 1997 Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
  • Since 1993 Member of the Federal Board of the Social Democratic Party (SPD)

Ingo Schoenberg

CEO - Power Plus Communications AG

Ingo Schönberg has sat on PPC’s board of directors since 2001, and has been its chairman since 2005. He is also managing director of Vype GmbH, PPC’s broadband Internet subsidiary. Before joining PPC, Ingo worked for MVV Energie AG in Mannheim in areas including business development, strategy, R&D and energy services. Prior to that, he was one of the founding members of the Fraunhofer Institut FhG UMSICHT in Oberhausen. While still at the Frauenhofer Institut, he held management positions at energy foundations and industrial lobbying organisations. He then worked as an engineer and was later departmental manager for CHP generation, with responsibility for renewable energies and energy services. Ingo holds a degree in engineering from Dortmund University and also studied business management in Hagen.

Rolf Schumann

European Business Development - Better Place

Rolf Schumann is business development executive focused on Europe and, in particular, the German market. He is responsible primarily for engaging key constituencies with the ultimate goal of creating infrastructure for the mass adoption of electric ehicles at a national level. To this end, he works closely with governments, financial institutions, automobile manufacturers, energy providers and other potential partners.

Schumann brings nearly 20 years experience in strategic planning, business network transformation and the introduction of new technologies within markets and corporations to his role with Better Place. Before, Schumann worked for eight years at SAP as chief technology officer in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region, overseeing the software company’s platform business, including SAP NetWeaver, and leading the platform solutions sales organization. Prior to that, he served as an eBusiness Principal for Siemens, managing strategic IT planning, network management, operations and outsourcing.

Schumann received a degree in “Wirtschaftsinformatik” (Master of Science Business Administration and Computer Science) from the Universität Mannheim and a Master of IT Management from ZfU International Business School.

Marco Voigt

CEO - Clean Tech World

Marco Voigt studied automotive engineering and started his career at Porsche. He was one of the founders of Germany’s biggest private postal companies PIN AG. He worked for several years as a Clean Tech and Automotive manager for the European Commission and German Government at VDI/VDE. He was coordinator of Germany’s Lithium Ion Support Program for Automotive and Energy Applications as well as of the portable Fuel Cells Support Program. His focus has been to strengthen German industry for hybrid cars and portable energy storage solutions. Marco is one of the founders of Germany’s most attractive “Green” Award: Clean Tech Media Award. In addition he is stakeholder and Managing Director of the international CLEAN TECH WORLD at the historic airport Berlin Tempelhof.


Organising Team

  • Jan Michael Hess XING
  • Sarik Weber

Conference Organiser

Mobile Economy GmbH
Choriner Str. 64a
10435 Berlin

Impressum (Imprint)

This website is published by:

Mobile Economy GmbH
Choriner Str. 64a
10435 Berlin

Responsible person:

Jan Michael Hess, Managing Director

Email: jan dot hess at greenvsummit dot com

iPhone: +4917621208417





CLEAN TECH WORLD presents today’s pioneer technologies and the most visionary solutions for tomorrow. From September 15th -19th, 2010 the historic Tempelhof Airport in the heart of Berlin, will become CLEAN TECH WORLD. If you drive innovative environmental technologies, we would like to invite you to present your latest projects and ideas and help us define the future.

CLEAN TECH WORLD is an exhibition and conference attended by personalities of the environmental technology sector. The CLEAN TECH WORLD CAMPUS offers leading professionals, financiers as well as newcomers, knowledge, inspiration, insight and networking opportunities. Unique events ensure maximum publicity and reach. Further highlights include: the presentation of the CLEAN TECH MEDIA AWARD and the opportunity to explore electric vehicles live on the airport’s tarmac.

On May 11 & 12 the next conference is taking place at STATION Berlin. Organised by SinnerSchrader, the next conference is one of the most important networking and trend conferences within the European web industry.

We're expecting a hundred international speakers and up to 1.500 participants. Amongst them will be decision makers of the media, technology and advertising sector, agencies and service providers, investors and start-ups. It is the only conference that unites the Internet community with brands and leading companies. To learn about our success story, check out the websites of next06, next07, next08 and next09.

AlwaysOn is the leading business media brand networking the Global Silicon Valley. AlwaysOn helped ignite the social media revolution in early 2003 when it launched the AlwaysOn network. In 2004, it became the first media brand to socially network its online readers and event attendees. AlwaysOn’s preeminent executive event series includes the Summit at Stanford, OnMedia, OnHollywood, OnDC, OnDemand, Venture Summit Silicon Valley, Venture Summit East, GoingGreen, GoingGreen East, and GoingGreen Europe. The AlwaysOn network and live event series continue to lead the industry by empowering its readers, event participants, sponsors, and advertisers like no other media brand.

forum CSR is a platform for all those who take responsibility for a sustainable development in business, politics, sciences and consumption. forum CSR quarterly publishes the leading German print magazine on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a spin-off of the world wide distributed magazine on CSR featuring a wide variety of discussions about sustainable development.

Among central CSR issues we report on challenges and solutions for climate change, renewable energies, carbon management, green building, communities, mobility, green IT, human resource management, green money, globalization and eco tourism. We present outstanding pioneers and Think Tanks, associations and NGOs. Together we shed light on the link between competitive advantage and CSR, explore mega trends and the future of sustainable development and CSR.

Cleanthinking.de is a leading online business magazine for all those who are interested in Cleantech topics. Chief editor is the PR Consultant Martin Jendrischik and its main topics, mostly reported from a German and European point of view, are especially clean and renewable energy, electric mobility, energy efficiency, clean production, smart grid and smart metering. News, background stories, interviews and company profiles are daily shown in an editorial way.

Cleanthinking.de was founded in January 2009 and meanwhile is highly accepted in the German und European Cleantech business community. Cleanthinking.de Chief editor Martin Jendrischik will blog and tweet (@cleanthinking) live from Green Venture Summit 2010.




Gold Sponsors


With its unique business model as one of the world’s first sustainable incubators, MAMA Sustainable Incubation AG combines classical private equity, venture capital, eco fund and project developer with a global marketing organization. We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs which came together from different fields in the end of 2009 to make a contribution to adressing today's challenges through the foundation of MAMA. Our lead investor 3M gives us the support of a worldwide company which has specialized since over a century in developing customized innovations in various domains ranging from health to aviation and from household items to solar energy production.

Geohumus International GmbH

Geohumus International GmbH is a company located in Frankfurt on the Main. The business of this innovative, acclaimed, multiple-award-winning company is the development, production and distribution of the soil additives Geohumus and Geohorse. The Hessian Ministry of Economics already recognized the potential in Geohumus at an early stage. After the initial highlight in the awarding of the Frankfurt Business Founder's Award in 2005, the 2006 Hessian and German Business Founder's Awards followed, then came the 2007 Environmental Award of the Foundation for Labor and the Environment and the Ministry of the Environment of North Rhine Westphalia. Geohumus was a selected location of the 2007 initiative "Germany - Land of Ideas" and won several additional prizes. Currently there are more than 20 employees working at the company headquarters in Frankfurt on the Main and the in-house production is producing at a capacity of 25,000 tons annually. The worldwide distribution network and the international customer base are continually growing. Subsidiaries in the USA have already been founded with the assistance of financially-strong investors and additional subsidiaries will soon follow in other countries.

Berlin Partner GmbH

As the central contact agency in Berlin helping investors to settle in the city, Berlin Partner GmbH is promoting the capital as a business location. It puts forward the city’s strengths and future prospects, develops advertising campaigns, initiates and organizes events and maintains strong Berlin networks. The company also offers comprehensive settlement services to investors free of charge and is supporting Berlin-based companies. The services include the Business Welcome, Business Financing, Business Locating and Business Recruiting Packages.

The Business Location Center (BLC) provides investors with the most important and up-to-date economic information from one convenient source. Investors and entrepreneurs have quick and easy access to sector-specific data, property offers, geographic data, and information on incentive programs and the labor market. It also offers a Real Estate Portal that allows prospective investors to tour available commercial properties via a 3D virtual city model. The BLC features the Berlin Solar Atlas, which provides information on whether a particular roof is suitable for the installation of solar panels and how much solar power they are capable of generating.
Sonne+Wind Beteiligungen AG

Our specific investment approach concentrates on co-investments with large international and German Venture Capital companies, especially in early stage investments to exploit our specific expertise. Sonne+Wind Beteiligungen AG is the only private equity company to pursue an ethical investment approach. This investment approach and the focus on renewable Sonne+Wind energies are very attractive for entrepreneurs in this sector and allow S&W preferred access to investment Beteiligungen opportunities. Since its foundation S&W has been supported by specific expertise of its founder Versiko AG with respect to the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector as well as the network to find and conclude attractive transactions. The core business of Versiko has been the design and distribution of ethical and ecological insurance and investment products.


Cleantech Business Park

With the development of the Clean Tech Business Park Berlin-Marzahn the Berlin borough of Marzahn-Hellersdorf is discovering new paths designed to promote economic development and growth – supported by the Berlin Senate and the business development agency Berlin Partner GmbH.

With both federal and state financial support, the Clean Tech Business Park Berlin-Marzahn will be set up on 90 hectares and offer an ideal business park for companies active in the industrial production of solar cells and modules as well as other clean-tech related products. Furthermore, it will offer advantages for companies such as business and research networks, highly qualified staff, special infrastructure, reduced investment requirements and quicker time-to market,

The future Clean Tech Business Park is located in the Berlin eastside Business Park. With a total of 1,200 hectares, it is the largest inner-city industrial and commercial area in the capital city. Roughly 2,500 companies from a wide array of sectors are already enjoying excellent conditions for business and production.

Exozet Group
Founded by Frank Alexander Zahn, Exozet Berlin GmbH interact has been developing interactive applications and communication strategies for the digital media since 1996. The company's services range from strategic consulting, (online) marketing and branding strategies to the design, production and support of online, offline und mobile multimedia applications. exozet interact is part of the exozet group with a staff of 150 employees and offices in Berlin, Potsdam and Vienna. exozet has been steadily climbing up the annual German New Media Ranking to reach position 26 in 2009. Among exozet's clients are: The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF), Viacom/MTV Networks, the German Parliament, the Federal Bank of Germany, Red Bull, ZDF, ProSiebenSat.1/N24, RTL Enterprises, American Express, Fleurop and Universal Music.


piabo is an owner-managed communications agency headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Our team combines profound industry knowledge with a pragmatic approach. Our shared wealth of experience is made up of sound knowledge in the areas of PR, online marketing, branding, design, IT, editorial services, media management, communications and social sciences.


Silver Sponsors

Mountain Cleantech AG

Mountain Cleantech AG was founded by experienced investors and entrepreneurs in the beginning of 2007. The company is part of the renown Mountain Partners Group representing one of the most distinguished investor-networks in the German speaking region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), and includes one of the leading networks of investors in the greater Europe and abroad.

amiando AG

amiando AG offers the easiest way to organize your event. More than 70.000 events worldwide use amiando to sell tickets online and to create professional registration forms for events. Thus your event registration becomes easier for your participants and you save costs and work at the same time when organizing your event.

satis&fy AG

satis&fy AG is one of the leading full-service production companies in Europe today. For the last 15 years, we have specialized in the technical conception, planning and execution of events and trade shows. Having partnered with corporate clients – internationally – in a variety of industries, we offer our expertise for your next event. satis&fy transforms your creative ideas into memorable events. Take advantage, not only of our expertise, but our more than 200 specialists (in 4 branch offices) who provide their skillful services when you need: Lighting, Sound, Audio, Interior design as well as set & exhibit design, Staging, Rigging, Logistics and Special effects.
satis&fy AG